Our modular software is designed around two ideas: automation and auditability


For 20 years our software has been incrementally improving. Whether you need a solution to manage 10 Million or 100 Billion, our team will design an optimal solution tailored to your workflow, to improve operational effectiveness and comply with the requirements of your auditor and regulator.

Reporting Flow

We eliminate manual steps in your reporting process, by co-designing a flow tailored to your needs.


Auto pilot

Users co-design pre-conditions, checks, and controls to validate automatically generated reports.


Once the data is loaded to PRoMMiSe, ALM & risk management dashboards are available online.


PRoMMiSe is designed to simultaneously maintain and process multiple pools, RMBS transactions, Covered Bond programs and its inherent portfolio relations.

Together with the client we design a process that optimizes the workflow for the business. This optimal process can range from 100% in the cloud to 100% on premises.


Pressure on our schedules is ever increasing. Finding time for repeating processes on a monthly basis is becoming more difficult for our clients.

PRoMMiSe is designed to alleviate pressure from the departments that are burdened by regulatory demands. Users do not have to process heavy calculations on their machines.

Users co-design the workflow including automated logical checks on the output, and gain control of the process. It will become like flying on auto-pilot.

Reports and Insights are now available in 10% of the old throughput time.


Having your structured finance data in one place will help you build an insightful dashboard on top of PRoMMiSe.

In PRoMMiSe the data from different servicing systems, and transaction information is combined to build forecasts and dashboards.

Hypoport builds the right data extractions to feed your internal risk models, as well as ALM dashboards for your transactions.


PRoMMiSe will provide you with all the information your auditor requires, such as;

  • log data on the uploaded assets
  • log data on user activity
  • log data on exceptions
  • role based acces and user settings
  • verification requirements on key changes

Hypoport’s ISAE-3402 Type II control framework is related to the following processes in scope: Access Management, Change Management, Continuity Management, Incident Management, Vendor Management, Security Management, and Hosting Management.



The PRoMMiSe master servicing module enables users to configure and alter different types of criteria both on a contract- and portfolio level. The eligibility criteria can be configured on all data fields that are loaded into the system on multiple hierarchical levels. Users of the software are able to perform all monthly processes from checking criteria, to pool optimization, to flagging.

All steps are subject to the 4-eyes verification principle and logging.

For complex pool selection, PRoMMiSe uses built-in third party optimization software. This allows issuers to efficiently run their processes while maintaining an optimally allocated pool of assets.






All changes and activities are historically logged in the PRoMMiSe audit trail and can easily be exported. All crucial steps in PRoMMiSe that are related to the structure of the transaction, the monthly processes or performance are subject to maker/checker verification. With the use of the Loanlevel module exports on sub-sets of the portfolio or backbook can be created and encrypted for in-depth audits. Also note that PRoMMiSe uses proven authentication and security profiles, roles and authorization matrices. 




An ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) mechanism is used to load all hierarchical data into the PRoMMiSe relational data-model. A comprehensive set of consistency and data quality checks are pre-configured, allowing the user to track data quality issues before the data is loaded into PRoMMiSe. This ensures referential integrity at all levels. In most cases, data is loaded into PRoMMiSe on a loan-level or loan-part level. PRoMMiSe is equipped with a broad range of aggregation and dis-aggregation algorithms, hence performance can be tracked historically on every possible level and (sub)-selection. 



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