Our teams’ focus has been on structured finance, regulatory risk, and best practices in big data for two decades. 


We offer a broad range of services, from transaction services, to valuation, structuring, analytics and consultancy. Read more below and get in touch to discuss your challenges.

Regulatory impact

For our internationally operating clients we analyse impact of regulatory changes in ABS markets.

International coverage

Our team is available to support clients from our offices in Amsterdam, Johannesburg, and Singapore.


At Hypoport we combine market know-how with hightech solutions to improve your business.


New regulations and directives have been game-changers in the financial industry in recent years. Part of this is the requirement to periodically process valuations of (mortgage)portfolios and derivatives.

We support issuers in their valuation needs by supplying a solid valuation platform in which they can input their calculation parameters, run cashflow projections and derive market values for their assets (e.g. mortgages) or their liabilities (swap structures related to the securitised portfolio).


We offer assistance in structuring challenges both on a consultancy and a software level. We help issuers unlock the potential of their balance sheet by using state of the art algorithms that can handle a wide variety of asset classes and complex synthetic structures. Portfolio criteria can easily be configured and “played with” by altering parameter values without experience in programming, with the use of a few simple mouse-clicks. 

Rating agencies and legislators increasingly pay more attention to concentration limits to certain exposure categories. PRoMMiSe offers a solution that helps to replenish asset pools by targeted criteria on portfolio and asset level. This enables us to create pools from scratch, effectively replenishing from zero up to a desired target amount. 

Our pooling structuring modules allow for (virtual, synthetic or real) “amendments” to existing asset pools. In addition, users are able to actually run stress-tests, valuation, loan tapes and investor reports on these pools.


We provide business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions for issuers to timely and correctly deliver the loan-level data to the European Datawarehouse (EDW). Meaning issuers are alleviated from part of their reporting obligations towards various supervising authorities like DNB, ECB, rating agencies, EDW, acountants, etc.

Find more information on the loanbyloan website.


In recent years we have added a vast amount of analytics services to our product-portfolio.

Firstly, because of an increasing customer-need for real-time insights in their own portfolios and benchmarking against the market.

Secondly we see further optimizations take shape between balance sheet management decisions and insights gained from our analytics solutions.

Thirdly, we help organize sustainable data, and strive to help the market further through our initiatives together with issuers. More information on the website of the energy efficient mortgage hub.


We provide data checking services by rating the data quality of loan tapes for the European data warehouse and rating agencies.  Important insights are provided in terms of whether the data is up to par with the expectations on the receiving end. We also advise on which data quality actions should be taken. 

Taking into account the key importance of the secure treatment of privacy related data, we provide data-cleaning tools which provide functions to easily clean (or scramble) the privacy-sensitive data to ensure secure and anonymous further distribution.


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