Our project approach is pragmatic and result driven.


We believe that the most effective way to bring value to a client is to become its partner. Each project gives us the opportunity to transform the client’s mindset as well as our own, thereby shaping agendas and enabling meaningful, enduring impact.


Our software and team have dealt with every conceivable scenario before.

In our projects we prioritize progress over paperwork, and prefer working for a fixed price

Our technology is modular in set-up, and ranges from minimalist to full suite solution


We have implemented projects in over 20 countries on different types of asset classes: Home loans, SME loans, Micro loans, Corporate loans, Consumer Loans, Auto Loans&Leases, Equipment Leases, CLO, Trade receivables, and Renewables.


Equipment Lease (ABS) in PRoMMiSe including backbook portfolio

AutoLoans (ABS) in PRoMMiSe including complete UK backbook portfolio.

RMBS in PRoMMiSe for several UK related financial institutions

Over 50 corporate CLO transactions for a multitude of UK fund managers

AutoLoans (ABS) in PRoMMiSe including complete AU backbook portfolio. Reporting capabilities towards different stakeholders (investors, rating agencies, supervisory bodies)

Covered Bond program in PRoMMiSe including daily workflow for the two largest Singapore banks.

Asset Backed Security in PRoMMiSe for Trade Receivables including complete UK, HK and SG backbook

Combined Covered Bond program in PRoMMiSe for the three Baltic states (Latvia, Lithunia and Estonina)

Covered Bond program in PRoMMiSe including workflow for one of the largest Romanian bank

Hypoport (including the LoanByLoan platform) is the leading dataprovider towards the European Datawarehouse (EDW) with >80 securitized portfolios

Liability CF modelling for one of the largest car manufacturers in the world

Supporting several RMBS and Covered Bond programs in PRoMMiSe for the largest financial institutions in Belgium and France

Asset Backed Security in PRoMMiSe for AutoLoans including complete Belgium and France backbook portfolios.

Supporting RMBS in PRoMMiSe including ESMA

Successfully onboarded several partner banks for our clients to the PRoMMiSe transaction platform.

Active in Micro, SME, Renewables

Credit scoring for solar paygo system provider. PRoMMiSe as transaction platform. 

Successfully onboarded a partner bank for our client to the PRoMMiSe transaction platform.

Several major RMBS issuers using PRoMMiSe as securitisation platform.

Successfully onboarded a partner bank for our client to the PRoMMiSe transaction platform.

>10 Covered Bond programs (Soft bullet / Hard Bullet / Conditional Pass Trough and Retained) in PRoMMiSe with underlying mortgage portfolio

>80 Residential Mortgage Backed Securities and other Assed Back Securities (SME, Auto, Consumer, Trade) in PRoMMiSe including all applicable reporting capabilities for rating agencies, investors and supervisory bodies

Originate To Distribute engine in PRoMMiSe from originator directly towards investors in mortgage portfolios

Implementation of (special) servicing platform for different mortgage originators

Corporate CLO transactions for a multitude of fund managers

“Multiple Consumer loans ABS and RMBS”


Hypoport is split up in three teams with their own specific fous. The three teams are centered around: operations-, projects- and our product roadmap development. Each team uses the Kanban methodology when it comes to software development. This method ensures both flexibility when it comes to short iterations needed for servicedesk tickets as well as longer stretches to deliver full fledged project deliverables. The three teams are then sync’ed in the same delivery cycle with currently three major releases every year.

The Kanban method allows for frequent feedback and interaction between our developers, our information analysts and our clients. Thereby detecting gaps between requirements and delivered code early on, minimizing the risk of projects running long and over budget.


  • Cashflow generation on assets & liability side for top-tier Dutch bank
  • Full-scale Originate-to-Distribute (OTD) solution for one of the largest names in the market
  • Coverage of European jurisdisctions on both securitisations as well as Covered Bond programmes
  • Full-scale solution for international top tier lease client
  • Integrated solution for asset & portfolio management for top tier Dutch Bank
  • Stress-testing on loanlevel and portfolio level for the whole of the Dutch Covered Bond market



We focus on consultancy in the structured finance market and consultancy related to our software platform PRoMMiSe.


Please contact us directly for product demonstrations

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