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About Hypoport – Institutional Clients

Hypoport is a financial technology firm specialized in providing high-tech software and consultancy services to the financial industry. We are specialized in providing consultancy services and software solutions by means of our PRoMMiSe platform. This allows clients to structure and administrate their portfolios for finance transactions (e.g. ABS, RMBS- or covered bond transactions, collateralized funds, whole loans).

  • Administration solutions: We supply an administration solution for every part of the structured finance process, from assets on a back book and the creation of transaction-specific priority of payments, to the creation of investor and rating agency reports
  • Software: Our software enables day-to-day operations regarding valuation, risk management, administration, compliance, data analysis and reporting on multiple asset classes
  • Asset class mortgages: We are the main master servicing provider in the Benelux with more than 1,000 billion euro worth of mortgages handled via the PRoMMiSe system
  • Asset class auto-leases: This is currently offered in the Benelux, Germany, France, South-Africa, United Kingdom (UK) and United States (US)

International orientation

Hypoport is currently present in Europe, Africa and Asia. We are actively involved in numerous fixed-income reform initiatives on both national, and international levels. How?

  • Active participation in the working groups for the loan-level initiatives for RMBS transactions and reconciliation with the investor reports
  • Extensive involvement in the creation of the new Dutch Securitisation Association (DSA) RMBS standards, these standards are compliant with the ‘PCS Rulebook’
  • Launch of loanbyloan.eu (2011), a fixed income compliance platform, to service the securitisation market in complying with ECB requirements and help issuers find a mature investor base
  • Providing of more than 100 ABS/RMBS transactions, making Hypoport the main data provider for the European Datawarehouse (ED)
  • Increasing transparency within the Covered Bond market as a member of the European Covered Bond Council (ECBC)

Our parent company, Hypoport AG, is a technology-based financial service provider with its headquarter in Berlin, Germany. Hypoport AG consists of three business units: Private Clients, Financial Service Providers, and Institutional Clients.