About us

  • Hypoport is a financial IT firm specialized in providing high-tech software and consultancy services to the financial industry. We are specialized in providing software and consultancy services for the structured finance market.
  • Hypoport generates more than 80% of all investor reports for the Dutch RMBS and Covered Bond market
  • Our software enables them to perform their day-to-day operations regarding valuation, risk management, administration, compliance, data analysis and reporting on multiple asset classes
  • With more than 750 billion euro of MBS in PRoMMiSe we are the main master servicing provider in the Benelux.
  • We are active in Europe, Africa and Asia and take are actively involved in numerous fixed-income reform initiatives on both national and supranational level.
  • For instance, we participated in the technical working group of the ECB for the creation of a country specific template for the loan-level initiative for Dutch RMBS transactions.
  • Hypoport was extensively involved in the creation of the new Dutch Securitisation Association RMBS standards, these standards are compliant with the ‘PCS Rulebook’.
  • Already 45% of all Dutch PCS transactions are handled through PRoMMiSe.
  • In 2011 we launched www.loanbyloan.eu, a fixed income compliance platform, to service the securitisation market in complying with ECB requirements and help issuers find a mature investor base.
  • We are the main dataprovider both www.dutchsecuritisation.nl for EDW
  • As a member of the European Covered Bond Council (ECBC) participate in several working groups to increase transparency within the Covered Bond market

Our approach

Our Main goal? To satisfy customer needs when it comes to the reporting- and master servicing processes around securitisations and covered bonds.
How we achieve this

  • Starting point in 9 out of 10 project is an in-depth analysis of the customer’ needs
  • Mostly followed by a low-cost Proof-of-Concept
    • We show skill and knowledge by hands-on analysts who know their way around data-analyses
    • Focusing on customer specific data-oddities a matching solution and
    • A pragmatic & working first version of the PRoMMiSe software
    • Mostly delivered in a 4-6wks timeframe
  • Next phase is the formal closing of the purchase of the PRoMMiSe-software
  • Followed by the full-scale implementation of the PRoMMiSe-platform. A topic on which we can talk for hours, so please feel free to contact us below

Mission and Core Principles

Our mission is to increase transparency as an integral part of our services and solutions. Our core principles are:

  1. State of the art product
  2. Understand client needs
  3. First class support and services
  4. Innovative and flexible
  5. Long term commitment