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Pool Administration

PRoMMiSe is designed to simultaneously maintain and process multiple pools, RMBS transactions, Covered Bond programs and its inherent portfolio relations. In each PRoMMiSe module calculations, monthly processes or exports can be generated on various levels, including transaction, programme, backbook and servicer. Moreover, PRoMMiSe offers a dynamic selection set allowing the user to only export or report results of for instance: (in)eligible loans, repurchased loans or replenished loans. Also note that PRoMMiSe historically saves these results.

Replenishing assets

PRoMMiSe enables the creation and execution of eligibility, portfolio, transaction and replenishment criteria. These criteria can be configured on all available data fields next to this custom criteria can be pre-configured by Hypoport. This module also allows the user to gain insights in the available eligible assets present on the backbook.

Management Reporting

Hypoport gained a vast amount of experience in state-of-the art reporting requirements resulting in award-winning standardized securitization and covered bond investor reports. Any (regulatory) requirement for investor reporting can be created on demand within our PRoMMiSe platform. High-quality reporting maintenance of investor reporting templates is an integral part of our offering. In addition, PRoMMiSe offers a wide array of reports that can easily be created and stored with the help of our Flex module.

Pool Selection

With the PRoMMiSe Master Servicing module users are able to configure, checks and perform eligibility and repurchase processes. Eligibility criteria can easily be configured within PRoMMiSe on all data fields that are loaded into the system on multiple hierarchical levels (typical levels are: Client, Collateral, Loan and Loanpart) without any knowledge of programming. Please note that all these steps are subject to 4-eyes verification and logging.

Compliance monitoring cover assets

PRoMMiSe offers an easy to configure Asset Cover Test engine which allows the user to check and maintain the performance of the cover pool at each step of the monthly process without any programming skills required.

Administration of pool audits

All changes and activities are historically logged in the PRoMMiSe audit trail and can easily be exported. All crucial steps in PRoMMiSe that are related to the structure of the transaction, the monthly processes or performance are subject to maker/checker verification. With the use of the Loanlevel module exports on sub-sets of the portfolio or baackbook can be created and encrypted for in-depth audits. Also note that PRoMMiSe uses proven authentication and security profiles, roles and authorization matrices.

Data Aggregation

An ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) mechanism is used to load all hierarchical data into the PRoMMiSe relational data-model. A comprehensive set of consistency and data quality checks are pre-configured, allowing the user to track data quality issues before the data is loaded into PRoMMiSe. This ensures referential integrity at all levels. In most cases, data is loaded into PRoMMiSe on a loan-level or loan-part level. PRoMMiSe is equipped with a broad range of aggregation and dis-aggregation algorithms, hence performance can be tracked historically on every possible level and (sub)-selection.

Tracking of pool assets

As performance tracking is at the very core of many investor reports, loanlevel exports and rating agencies extracts, PRoMMiSe historically aggregates and registers all arrears, foreclosures, repayments and prepayments on all mortgages (including all backbook portfolios).

Data Export / Integration with other vendor systems

By default PRoMMiSe Investor reports can be exported in Excel, pdf and word format. Loan level extracts can be created in a range of formats such as: xsl(x), csv and txt. PRoMMiSe allows the user to (pre)-configure export format settings such as: field, decimal and text separators and date formats per extract. Furthermore, the PRoMMiSe architecture allows for safe and easy connections to other software platforms such as Oracle and SAP.