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PRoMMiSe, stands for Portfolio Risk Mortgage Management System. It was created as a management information system in 2001. Since then it has evolved as a structured finance business tool for transparency, reporting and structuring of a broad range of asset classes and other type of structured collateral such as funds and whole loans.

PRoMMiSe is used as a tool to administrate and handle a wide variety of ABS data for different purposes such as investor reporting and valuation. It can handle the complete value chain typically involved in securitization processes.

Our PRoMMiSe software platform handles different asset types:

  • Mortgages, Lease receivables, Micro loans, Equipment leases, Consumer Loans, SME, Corporate Loans and more
  • Asset and liability reporting (Investor reporting, Fair value reporting, Performance measurement reporting, Data consistency and accuracy reporting).

In addition PRoMMiSe delivers high quality consultancy services, structured finance advisory and data analysis. PRoMMiSe platform solutions & services are used by a broad range of clients, from banks to trust firms, insurance companies, lease companies, pension funds, central banks, rating agencies and data vendors.

Billion EUR monthly processed by PRoMMiSe

Our strengths:

  • Flexibility. No need to deliver data in certain templates or formats
  • Modularity. PRoMMiSe can be implemented just for reporting purposes but also for a broad range of tasks such as AQR analysis, structuring, valuation, benchmarking, risk management and ALM.
  • Versatile. PRoMMiSE can be implemented online, on premise in the cloud or in a wide variety of alternatives. PRoMMiSe can also be used to offer investors real-time control on their investment.
  • Secure. We offer state of the art encryption, maker/checker, verification algorithms on all processes and workflows.
  • Knowledge. Hypoport gained a vast amount of experience in state-of-the art reporting requirements resulting in award-winning standardized securitization and covered bond investor reports
  • Reliable partner. Hypoport (including the PRoMMiSe platform) is part of Hypoport AG, a top tier technology company listed on the German stock exchange (HYQ Xetra).