A condition in which all relevant information is known to all parties involved. In our vision the market benefits from an open, transparent, and innovative attitude. This condition will drive down funding costs for banks across the market, and improve funding conditions for private individuals as well as businesses in the real economy.


By helping our client improve their data operations, they can report accurately and effectively. By co-creating best practices and reporting standards, the market becomes more attractive to investors.  


Transparency and standardisation go in hand in hand on a successful market


The next step is to improve the quality of the source data 



We eliminate friction to increase speed and remove complexity from the process


Transparency in the structured finance market only works through standardisation. A standard that has to be adopted by the majority of the market.

The standard has to be both ambitious and attainable at a reasonable price for the market participants. The benefit of standardisation should outweigh the effort.

We cooperate with all market participants to create the best practices in structured finance reporting. Our role is to provide insights from a technology and data point of view, as well as provide the market with feedback that we gather through our client interactions.

In typical Dutch fashion this “polder model” works well to lift the overall quality of disclosure and boosts the attractiveness of an asset class.



When Hypoport is contracted, we start out by building an understanding of the key processes in the reporting flow. 

We see best practices in the market, and combine those with the intimate understanding of our clients.

What direction should the optimisation go? Is speed of processing a priority? Or has quality been lacking in recent years? 

We take the best parts of PRoMMiSe and implement them for the relevant situation. 



When reporting takes a lot of effort, it is because a reporting routine is not efficiently set-up. 

We pick the ideal reporting flow from the suite of options that PRoMMiSe offers. After adding technological solutions we can also start to pinpoint weaknesses in the process.

More often than not, these weaknesses are speed related, or quality related. 

When we are done, all redundant steps have been replaced by superior technology, and ineffective manual work can be eliminated.


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